Meet the Owner

Hello Mindset Changers! I'm Xaviera Vogue! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Our Brand Story

Mindset Changed Apparel is a Christian brand that was established by Xaviera Vogue in July of 2021. This brand idea was inspired by Xaviera's personal journey with Christ while she was battling health issues. She realized that she was able to overcome those issues by changing her mindset and including Jesus on her journey.  Mindset Changed Apparel was created to inspire, motivate and encourage Christians to change to their mindset and involve God in their life in order to walk into the purpose God has for them. One day we hope to be a popular Christian brand used by Christian influencers to provide motivation to others while discovering their purpose.

The best life you can have is the life that God planned for you to have. We all are created for a certain purpose and it's up to us to walk in to the purpose God has for us in order to be successful. Sometimes we feel lost and confused on what our purpose is in life and the main reason is because our mindset is filled with negative thoughts that hold us back. When we think negative, we speak negative which results in living a life of fear, confusion, doubt, unhappiness and dead ends. 

Mindset Changed Apparel's goal is to create positive thinkers so they can find their purpose and experience the life of success God has for them. This is why are designs are created with positive affirmations, sayings and quotes to remind you that you are everything God called you to be!